Answers to Your Autism Questions

I would be happy to answer your autism questions about ABA therapy techniques. Please keep in mind, while I have been working with children with autism for many years as an ABA therapist, I can only give you advice on techniques I have used, but cannot diagnose your child.

Scroll down the page to read questions that I have already answered, and feel free to share your comments and tips too!

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Do you have a question about ABA Therapy?

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Responses and Suggestions

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ECSE teacher 
When do you determine that the strategy of ABA is not the most effective and something else needs to be done?

Behavior Problems in a Car 
I have recently started working with a child that is autistic. I have noticed that he is more worse as we are riding in the car. He hits and kicks me while …

Potty Training for Child with Autism 
My son with autism is 9.5 years old and is bladder trained with the exception of occasional (once in 8-12 weeks)bed-wetting. He has still not achieved …

Concerns about Functioning Level 
I had written to you last night, and I am so sorry to bombard you with more questions! My son who is 7yrs old was diagnosed with asd, originally when assessed …

Autism Behavior Problems at School 
Hello, I'm a mother of a 3 1/2 year old boy with a diagnosis of PDD-NOS Autism. He was diagnosed early last year and has been receiving speech therapy …

Out of control behavior 
I have a 5 year old daughter and she has had an ABA home program for 2 years now and recently her behaviors have gotten out of control. I need help. …

Behavior Mod Plan? 
Hello. My name is David and I am an ABA therapist/Clinic Administrator for an ABA clinic. We have a very verbal, high functioning 4 year old boy that …

IEP for Child with Autism 
I've been doing a lot of research on the differences between DTT and ABA/VB and feel that ABA/VB is right for my child. (3 years, 9 mo's and diagnosed …

Classroom Autism Behavior Strategies 
I work in a classroom for young adults with autism. There are about 7 kids in the classroom ranging from mild to moderate in severity. I need some advice …

Help With Stimming  
I love this website. I have an 11 year old son with autism and he has always had a problem with stimming. One of the most disruptive stims is his vocalizations. …

Swiping Items Off Table 
Our son is in ABA therapy now. The problem we are having is during table work he is just swiping everything off the table and refuses to work while laughing …

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