Are you concerned your child has echolalia? It is the repeat of exact vocalizations or words heard by someone in conversations, videos, or books heard out loud. It can also be the repeat of part of the conversation. Many children with autism as well as other developmental disabilities may have use this type of language to communicate.

When it comes to your child relaying exact information from movies and videos, it can also be known as scripting. This usually occurs when your child watches the same episodes of something over and over. By doing that it gives your child many opportunities to memorize it.

Sometimes your child may use it at times that it could work, but other times it can just come out of your child's mouth whenever. When your child is engaged in structured activities, it is usually not as much.

Some examples are, If I said "What is your name?" and instead of your child answering the question, he or she repeats what I had just said. Another one is, you say, do you want milk? Your child repeats milk.

The repeat also is said in the exact tone as well. If you notice your autistic child repeating a lot, you should voice your concerns. Experienced therapists that have worked with autistic children should be able to help you and your child expand verbal communication. This type of language tends to last longer if your child has autism. This is true because your child may experience much difficulty developing spontaneous language. But your child can overcome it over time.