Autism Treatments

There are different autism treatments to research before choosing one. An important thing to remember is that early intervention is extremely important to the success of your child.

I would like to inform you about options available that could help your child with autism. For the 11 years I worked with children with autism in New Jersey. I did all ABA, using discrete trial and incidental teaching, as the primary autism treatment because it works and it is the most scientifically researched based therapy that was, and still is, extremely successful. Within ABA, I also used picture schedules once the child understood how it worked.

I now mostly do verbal behavior ABA because I have found that children move along faster in their programs, it's more verbal communication based, and children maintain the skills just as in discrete trial teaching. Also with vb, your child is taught by errorless teaching and does not know what is coming next. But if the child needs discrete trials I will do them.

Most of the children also receive Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy as well to help facilitate language, work on motor skills and sensory needs.

Remember, language is not just a term used for expressive use. If your child by a certain time is showing no use of expressive language, then PECS, sign language, or augmentative communication devices might be put into place.

Whichever way your child will be successful at communicating, is what should be taught to them. But, at first your child needs to be given a chance to use verbal communication, which takes time, but it's worth to try for a little while. I say this because most children with autism are diagnosed under three, which is a prime time to learn that before jumping to alternative communication try for the verbal.

Other types of autism treatments are RDI, Floortime, The Play Project, Sensory Integration Therapy, TEACCH, The SCERTS Model, Gluten Casein Free Diet, and ones I mentioned above.

As a parent, you need to research the different treatments to see which one would be right for your child. I will say in all of my years in this field, ABA/VB ABA has been extremely successful with the children I have done behavioral therapy with.

Some children with autism might also have something else such as ADD, ADHD, MR. You know your child best, so make sure you keep looking for answers to your concerns.

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