gfcf diet

The gfcf diet (gluten and casein free) is an approach many people take to help their child with autism. This means taking out dairy and wheat from your child's diet.

The theories behind this , is that it could slightly to dramatically improve speech , eye contact , and behavioral issues in children with autism and or pdd. It is very common that children with autism have some type of gastrointestinal problem and or allergies to gluten and casein. Being on that type of diet can help that , and in return , your child may feel better.

Working with children with autism for many years now , a lot of the families have tried it. In some of the children I as well as their family members have seen some improvement and in other children there was no improvement as far as the autism goes.

I also know people , especially children , that have add or adhd , have gone on the diet , and were able to focus better in school and due to that , have higher self esteem and more confidence in themselves.

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