Concerns about Functioning Level

I had written to you last night, and I am so sorry to bombard you with more questions! My son who is 7yrs old was diagnosed with asd, originally when assessed they told me that although he is highly intelligent, he functioned 2-3 years below his chronological age. Is that typical, for children with asd? And will his functioning level ever catch up with his actual age? Sometimes I feel like that gap is only broadening, my concern is have a child who is 16 with the mental or emotional function of a 3-4yr old.

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Jan 08, 2010
Learning Suggestions
by: Dana

Hi Sarah! It is typical of children with asd to function at a different level then there age. Depending on his capability will depend if he will catch up. I have to say, I cannot give you a definite answer, but I can suggest what may help you son want to learn. I will say I have worked with children that closed the gap, mostly and jsut needed support, so keep you chin up and thik positive. I do want to know what have you observed that makes you feel the gap is broadening?

I would suggest to monitor the program he is in at school. Make sure what is being taught to your son isn't the same step for too long of a period, and is he motivated to learn. Children on the spectrum learn by being highly motivated. Even if he is capable of a skill, if the motivation isn't there, he may feel why bother. Since he is very intelligent, he sounds like he is capable, maybe up the motivation and reinforcement, and it might encourage the learning more, and that will help him along. If the teacher is upbeat may have an affect on how your son learns as well.

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