Books About Autism

There are many books about autism and strategies to choose from. Some are easier to understand then others. Working with children with autism, I felt it was neccessary to do some readings myself, and asked parents what books were most beneficial to them. I now want to share them with you.

1. Behavioral Interventions For Young Children With Autism, Catherine Mourice.

2. Let Me Hear Your Voice, Catherine Mourice

3. The Verbal Behavior Approach: How To Teach Your Child With Autism and Related Disorders, Mary Barbera and Tracy Rasmussen

4. Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wishes YOu Knew, Ellen Notbahm

5. A Work In Progress: Behavior Management Strategies, Ron Leaf

6. The Out of Sync Child, Carol Kranowitz

7. Thinking In Pictures, Temple Grandin

8. The Child With Special Needs, Serena Wieder

9. Understanding Sensory Dysfunction, Emmons and ANderson

10. Sensational Kids, Lucy Jane Miller Notbahm

I hope this list is helpful to all of you. If there are other books about you have read, please share them. You can do so by my contact me page. Thank you.

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