Autism Behavior Problems at School

by jennifer

Hello, I'm a mother of a 3 1/2 year old boy with a diagnosis of PDD-NOS Autism. He was diagnosed early last year and has been receiving speech therapy and early intervention since then. In May I decided to stop working and stayed with him at home while my husband was deployed. By the time I received the approval of Tricare for ABA services, he was already fully potty trained, and his speech increased tremendously.
Since August, he started to receive ABA and his cognitive skill level has increased so much that it is very impressive. He can read early reader books, count, do patterns, puzzles up to 48 pieces, spells, etc. He has also developed a lot of expressive spontaneous language. So, it was time for our first IEP in where the school agreed with me that his cognitive level was too high for the special education classroom they had available at that time.

The school system now pays for a private preschool setting for him to go with no aide. Now, he is exhibiting some behavior of throwing items for no reason even when he is not mad and today he bit his teacher when she was trying to put him in circle time. The preschool director told me that they can’'t accept that behavior and that it needed to stop. His ABA therapist is currently out of town and I don'’t know what to do to help him. Some people believe that he needs to be with typically developing kids in order for him to model their behaviors etc, but others believe that he should stay at home until it is time for school. . So my questions are:
1. How I can help him stop that behavior?
2. Why if he needs that social interaction, do many readings and people suggest for him to stay at home? Won'’t this prevent him from learning how to act with the rest of society?

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