Pecs (Picture Exchange Communication System) is an alternative way for a non verbal or minimally verbal child with autism to communicate with others. What this means is your child exchanges a picture for the wanted item. There are six phases in learning this program.

If you know your child will need other ways of communication, it can be beneficial because it is using visual cues and most children with autism are visual learners if not all. At the bottom of this page there will be an informative link to check out.

I have been working with autistic children for thirteen years. Most of the age group I taught and still teach are 2 years old. While eleven of the thirteen years were in New Jersey, none of the teams I was on, used this. The reason was that we wanted to go for the verbal right a way. Being so young there was time to work hard on getting the child to use expressive language. I came to Florida and it is very popular. I have been told for the visual support and faded when necessary.

There is nothing I can say against the picture exchange communication system, but I would give your child a chance to talk before going that route. It is a different story if you know your child will not speak. I will say Verbal Behavior is an excellent ABA technique to use to try for the expressive language.

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