What Is Autism

Due to the fact that autism is being diagnosed more often, you might ask what is autism? Autism is a developmental disorder usually diagnosed within the first three years of a child's life. It's neurological piece is where the effects on the brain are abnormal which causes a person's communication and social skills to be non existent or impaired. A child with autism will also exhibit atypical play skills. This meaning your child might spin the wheels of a car over and over instead of pushing the car. Also lack of eye contact is big in the autism world.

What is autism is probably a question that is asked more frequently then ever before. When I started working with children with autism in 1995 one in ten thousand children were being diagnosed and fourteen years later it is one in one hundred and fifty. More doctor's seem to be more aware about it as well.

Depending in the severity of autism, depends on the child's skills. If a child has severe autism, chances are the child is non verbal, has a lot of repetitive behaviors and completely rejects flexibility in routine. Also is most likely in their own world and doesn't know how to interact or even realizes when people are around. If a child is diagnosed with moderate to mild autism, symptoms will obviously be less severe.

With autism, sometimes comes sensory issues. This meaning some children do not like the textures of certain things, do not like loud noises, will not try certain foods if they do not like the way they look, and will not touch certain textures.

There is so much to talk about when it comes to autism, but this page is to just give you an idea what autism is. On my other pages you will read more in depth information.

What Is Autism