Autism Support Groups

Parents and or relatives of children with autism are always looking for autism support groups. They want to hear others' stories, share theirs, and just know they are not alone in dealing with this life long disorder. People are looking to help other people. Getting involved with support groups will make that opportunity available.

I have seen families go through many obstacles as I am sure you might be, and feel it is important to let you know about some places to talk with others' who have a child with autism. I have found some that are internet based, that seem to be very helpful.

1. Autism-Apsergers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com5. curliejoes@yahoo.com7. /groups autism-asperger.html8.

Parents also ask me what have other people done to help their child. I know families that have taken there child to DAN doctors, use hyperbaric chambers, have there child have extenxive allergy testing and treat the allergies. Some do the vitamin b shots, do the gfcf diet, and do behavioral therapy, such as verbal behavior or the discrete trial method. Hippo therapy also seems to be a popular one as well.

I hope these will be helpful to you. There are many different ones, but you need to find the one that best suits your needs.

If anyone has any other online support groups to share, please do. Thank you.

Autism Support Groups