High Functioning Autism

As we all know, it is considered a spectrum disorder, meaning it ranges from severe to high functioning autism, mild autism, and Aspergers Syndrome. Once you find out your child has a diagnosis, the best thing to do is get intervention as soon as possible. If you do that, the chances of your child becoming mainstreamed is much greater.

When your child is ready, one thing to start working on is social stories to help he or she understand about social skills. To do this, your child needs to know how to communicate in some fashion and have an understanding of emotions.

Children at this level also have some type of fine motor skill difficulties as well. It is also said that if your child is diagnosed at the higher end in the younger years, that it might be changed to Aspergers Syndrome once your child gets into school. Because at that age you can see what type of social skills are exhibited.

According to the DSM IV is said to have this specific diagnosis, your child may have had significant speech delay unlike Aspergers who have normal speech development.

Regardless of what the diagnosis, remember as I said in the beginning of this page, make sure you find out how you get early intervention as soon as possible, as well as find out your rights and all that is available to you. .

High Functioning Autism