Autism music therapy

Autism music therapy is becoming more popular over time. More stusies are being done to see how it affects children with autism learn. It is said that some children with autism have hidden talents due to something in their brain. It is actually pretty wild.

In my first year of doing ABA therapy, I worked with this ten year old girl who taught herself to sing and play the piano. She also knew if you sang along with her and you were off key, she would let you know. It was pretty amazing. I currently work with a little boy who focusus much better when music is on in the background. It totally quiets his vocal stims and he tunes you in more. I really believe that there is something to say for autism music therapy.

Research has been done showing that music therapy enhances communication with labeling, catagorizing, filling in the blanks to songs, and socialization. And we all know that many children with autism have a lot of difficulty with appropriate social skills.

There seems to be two ways music therapy helps treat children with autism. There is the poosive way and the active way. Just like children on the spectrum learn by repetition, it works the same way with the music. With the possive way, music is played over and over so the child keeps hearing it and eventually he or she might ask for it, or even help calm his or her emotions.

The active way is where the child is an active participant in the therapy. He or she will play an instrument, maybe dance along, or even sing with the therapist. Sometimes children come home from an activity and need to let loose and playing an instrument can be a structured way and enjoyable way for your child to express feelings or just it be some down time. Which we all know everyone needs that.

I think that every child should be exposed to music in some fashion. If your child is sensitive to noise, if done correctly autism music therapy can be a way of desensitizing he or she to some noises. Also music is upbeat and some children that are very flat affect can also benefit. It will help them understand that there are other ways to express themselves.

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