Autism Merchandise Materials

So many people have asked me what kind of autism merchandise materials could help my child learn and or help the autism society? What I say is with my experience working with children with autism, they seem to be visual learners.

Even though I started working in this field 14 years ago, I have found materials that I used back then are stil the ones I want to use now. If your child is going to have a home program there are a few things that are needed such as autsim merchandise materials. Luckily, those items are used for a very long time, so you feel you have gotton your money worth. The language builder cards, which is a box of about 160 cards, goes a long way. You can teach identical matching, non identical matching, colors, shapes, categories, identification of objects, function of objects and features. This box is used for receptive and expressive language. I also use them to ask wh questions. What is really nice about this box as other I use the pictures are realistic looking and not cartoonish.

Two other boxes of card that are really good items to have are the regular action cards where the people look real and the emotion cards of real people. I do know some people who have purchased the baby bumblebee cards and had some success teaching labels. These cards can be bought from Super Duper or Different Roads to Learning.

Otherwise, dividers, a 3 ring binder, hole punch, pencils, white out, clickers, and toys in your home are what is needed to start up a program, which are basic autism merchandise materials. These items can be found at Staples or stores like that. Even the grocery store might have it. The provider will provide the data sheets neccessary.

They say autism is a big puzzle that still needs to be solved. It takes a lot of money, research and time, which there seems to be good efforts, but could always be more. There is autism jewelry, bumber stickers, hats, shirts, pins and other items that could help with research behind this big puzzle. Also they sell autism merchandise that is geared towards safety, which if you child cannot communicate, medical bracelets are good to wear, in case of an emergency, and there are other items as well.

You can go crazy buying things, but it isn't necessary. Especially in the beginning. Autism merchandise materials are expensive, so the little things you can save on could make a big difference.

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Autism Merchandise Materials