Behavior Problems in a Car

I have recently started working with a child that is autistic. I have noticed that he is more worse as we are riding in the car. He hits and kicks me while I am putting the seat belt on, he won't stay seat belted I have a seat belt lock on him and he gets it off. He eats corners off of books and sucks on the seat belt, he cries and screams when he doesn't get his way. His parents say to give him chewing gum to calm him down but request regular gum instead of sugar free which I have been told that is the best. I need some ideas of what to do with him while riding in the car, I take him to school and bring him home. Thanks for reading my email I do hope you have a nice day! Jay

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Jan 08, 2010
Acting out in a car
by: Dana

My first question is how old is the child and how much does he understand? It makes a difference on how you handle the situation. I would suggest a reinforcement system to encourage positive behavior. What I mean by that is he earns tokens or stickers for decreasing the negative behavior and have a bigger reward at the end of the car ride. If he kicks or exhibits any negative behavior in the car he will not earn a token. You can buy little clip boards, use velcro and either laminate stickers or use pennies. Also have a picture of the big reward so he knows what he is working for.

For chewing, it sounds like he needs sensory input. You could have a bag of a variety of chewy toys, such as teething rings, chewy tubes, honestly even small chewy dog toys.
I have also seen kids wear oxygen tubing as a necklace or carry it to chew on. It does not break. You can get it at a fishing store.

I hope this helps. If he is too young for this type of behavior modification let me know.

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