Is Jett Travolta autistic

What seems to be a big controversy right now is the question of, Is Jett Travolta autistic? What a sad a story this has been. Because of how much this has been in the news lately, I felt it would be a good idea to write in some highlights about it.

Just reading an article form the St Pete Times, which I will provide a link to at the end of this discussed a few interesting points. First off there had been some speculation for years that Jett had autism , but the family never spoke about it. The family said he had Kawasaki disease and then recovered from it completely. It also discussed the fact that Jett had seizures and had taken medication for them, but had gone off it for his health.

Some children with autism are also affected by seizures. Since I have been working with children with autism, their were many children that also had seizures and took medicine for them.

According to the article from the St. Pete Times, it mentioned that their is a video of John holding his 16 year old son;s hand, Jett giving no eye contact and having a distant look, as well as no verbal communication. Those are all characteristics of autism. As an experienced ABA Therapist, and I am sure most if not all parents of children with autism, can seek out another child with autism.

We might never know the actual truth about, Is Jett Travolta autistic, but we can pray and hope people take this seriously and research autism if they think there is a chance their child is developing atypically. I know there are so many articles to link to ,but I chose one from somewhere fairly close to where I live. Lastly, I juus want to say, be aware about your child's growing pattern, and if there is question, seek a medical professional, such as a developmental pediatrician, possible a general pediatrician that has knowledge of autism, and or a pediatric neurologist to start.